I can't express my delight more when outfits come together in a flash. Some days can be pure torture getting dressed, especially when nothing looks good (and all your fool-proof pieces are nowhere to be found). But other days are surprising -- and it's even better when a look is created from something that inspired you. I liked this picture (below) from the Jak and Jil Blog, and thought it was quite charming. Never had I thought pairing polka dots with leopard would be a complimentary combo, but I rather like it, and I rather like my own spin on it. What do you guys think?

{H&M sweater and dress; Anthropologie belt; Coach boots; UO bracelet (gift); Hue tights}


snow globe

The end of the Christmas season is bittersweet -- transitioning from all the high paced anticipation back to the daily life drag can be a little difficult to get use to. However, we luckily still have New Year's Eve to look forward to. In the wake of our first big snowfall of the season, it seemed necessary that I send the holidays away in style, testing out some of the newest additions to my closet. I must say I had a hard time walking on the icy snow in these boots. As much as I love them, some kind of alteration must be made to their soles in order to avoid some serious injuries this winter. Yet, their perfection knowns no words and I adore the pairing of this caramel-colored scarf along with the sneak peak pattern underneath this brilliant red coat. 

By the way, I am in love with this red coat.

{Zara coat and scarf; UO top and skirt (underneath); Marc Jacobs boots; Hue tights}


merry christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and bunches of holiday cheer!!

{UO top; F21 skirt; Gap flats; Anthropologie turtle belt; vintage charm bracelet; Hue tights}


snow leopard

I secretly have about 25 layers underneath this coat -- it's the only way I know how to dress for the promise of snow. I purchased this winter must-have about three years ago and for some reason haven't worn it too much...quite blasphemous. I've forgotten how much I love it and might need to take a vow to wear it more often. 

With Christmas only five days away (!!), it seems as if every store has a sale going on in Boston. Lucky for me, I was able to finish somewhat early, scoring armfuls of great finds for my friends and family. Including these leggings I bought as an early holiday gift for myself (they are the same pattern as the dress I wore here). I simply adore the color, and they are the perfect partner to this cream fabric and fuzzy boots. 

Now all I am dreaming for is a White Christmas.

{Marc by Marc Jacobs coat and sweater (underneath); H&M leggings; Coach boots; vintage earmuffs}


teen vogue snapshot

I was so excited to find out that I was picked as today's Teen Vogue's best-dressed reader. Thank you so much for choosing me -- definitely cool being famous for a day ;). Click here to check it out (and on facebook too!). 


cherry pop

The faux furs that designers are pumping out feel and look so luxurious and life-like that it's a shame real fur is still in production. Seriously, I wish you could stroke your computer screens and feel the softness of this jacket. But, sadly I cannot wear it without layers upon layers (and layers) of extra fabric without fear of my limbs snapping off from the extreme cold. It does serve as the perfect cozy to snuggle up and write essays in. Along with my favorite schoolwork treat: the cherry pop. When will this semester finally end?

{vintage coat; Gap tank; Joe's jeans; F21 pumps; J Crew bracelets; UO ring; Moschino pin + other random pins}

{pictures by Mary}


worn and weathered

Meet the oldest thing in my closet. Actually I am exaggerating, but this jacket has been there and back (and around the block) throughout my high school years and for the past three winters. Honestly, it is not the warmest thing I own, but has stayed with me through even the coldest, sub-degree weather. Crazy I know, and it might just be the reason why I despise the cold so much -- well maybe not, but something warmer could possibly help my cause. This jacket endured countless trips to the cleaners, and it might need to be retired in the near future as I am getting a new (warmer) replacement for Christmas. But secretly, I don't think I'll ever stop wearing it.

{Tahari jacket, Marc Jacobs sweater; UO leggings; Dolce Vita boots; F21 earrings and sunnies; borrowed scarf from Mar}


crayola stitches

This is yet another item I've repeatedly snatched from my mom's closet, and then slowly stopped returning. After snipping out the massive shoulder pads, this vintage masterpiece quickly became one of my greatest treasures (shocking I know since the mismatched patterns scream anything but me). I am crazy over the gradation of multicolored hues and the swatch of cartoonish fabric inlay. It looks like something I would draw with my childhood crayons but more updated and a lot more chic.

In more exciting news, I have been selected to join the ranks of the fashionable elite bloggers over at Teen Vogue's Fashion Click Blogger. I would definitely encourage you to stop by and check out what the fuss is all about! Thank you so much Teen Vogue, I am definitely honored!

{Vintage Ungaro jacket; Gap top; Joe's jeans; Saks 5th Avenue scarf; Marc Jacobs watch; vintage ring}