rayban outfit
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Whenever I'm in a rush, I reach for basics, and let my accessories make a statement. Especially during the colder months when I tend to wear a lottt more neutrals and dark colors. They're just easier to layer, and ultimately keep me looking chic - that's all we want in life, right? Easy dressing and impossibly chic results.

 That's why a great pair of sunglasses are a must to include in my basic arsenal (sooo many great choices here). Although these Ray Bans are far from plain, they easily punch up an otherwise bland look (without trying too hard). 

TARGET top | MADEWELL jeans + boots | RAY BAN aviators c/o SMARTBUY GLASSES | BAGGU tote | JCREW coat (similar)


monogrammed converse

monogram converse 3
monogram converse 2
monogram converse detail
monogram converse 4
monogram converse
It's no secret that Etsy has some of the cutest jewelry, accessories, art, home goodies (you name it!) on the web. I love finding hidden gems on there that no one else likely has, and in turn support local, independent designers. 

Which is why I was so excited when I was recently introduced to 9th and Elm - a flash sale site that cherry-picks the best  fashionable, handmade designs, allll in one place

I had so much fun discovering new designers and shopping through their goodies, that I almost fainted when I found these monogrammed chucks. They became my very first pair of converse, and a brand new shoe OBSESSION that's all my own.

H&M sweater | FOREVER 21 dress (old) | BAGGU tote | ROBYN BOBBIN monogrammed converse c/o 9TH & ELM