weekend in: moto chic

Spent my entire Sunday riding around with the BF on his Harley, and let me tell you I had the best time. Of course while he was more interested in safety -- thick leather jacket, hardcore boots, and sunglasses that covered my entire face -- I was dreaming up that perfect motorcycle chic look. A metallic gold skirt for the next run? Maybe not. But it's fun to pretend.

H&M jacket
Zara skirt
Madewell boots
YSL lipstain #2


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  2. I can't see the gold pencil skirt working out on the back of a bike... but definitely those booties!
    Have fun, and stay safe!

  3. Love that leather jacket! So cute.

    Kate from Clear the Way

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  7. LOVE this post. I love the color combo and the tough/girly look. already picked up the jacket..not sure if I can justify spending that much on a gold skirt (or a graphic tee), but the only other alternative I've been able to find is from American Apparel and it doesn't look as expensive (or as classy).

    post more, post more!! :-)

  8. Great selection with the gold skirt and the leather jacket. But is it easy to sit in the skirt?

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    Cassandra | Backtofive


thank you!! :)

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