what's in my bag

dressed up alligators_whats in my bag

dressed up alligators_whats in my bag

dressed up alligators_whats in my bag

dressed up alligators_whats in my bag

dressed up alligators_whats in my bag
Here's a peek of what I typically carry around during the winter months. I can't stand rifling through a messy bag for 10 minutes looking for one thing, so I try my best to keep everything super organized! (not pictured: my iPhone, keys and p i l e s of bobby pins)

1. Altoid Smalls Mints // I hate chewing gum, these little guys are minty fresh

2. Hello Kitty Band-Aids // my mini first aid kit: the only band-aid I wear 

3. Brush // my hair tangles like crazy, a must have to keep everything smooth

4. "Frogs I Kissed And Liked" Notebook + 5. Marker Pen // I hoard empty notebooks, so I have this one with me for spontaneous ideas

6. Deodorant // I've always carried one of these guys around, just in case

7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pouch // as I mentioned, I keep my purse crazy organized and this pouch helps me keep it that way. Not only does it make switching bags a breeze since everything is in one place, it doubles as an emergency clutch

8. The Bag: Vintage Coach Willis // You all know my obsession with this bag

9. Smith's Rosebud Salve + 11. Chapstick // Lip essentials, especially in the winter. I switch back and forth between the two depending on my mood

10. MAC Lipstick in Night Blooming + 12. Sephora Lipstain // My current favorite lip colors. I am OBsessed with this MAC color and of course it has to be a limited edition. I should have bought 10 more

13. Business Cards + 14. H&M Business Card Holder // because business cards look better tucked inside sparkly golden glitter

15. Kate Spade Pinching Pennies Pouch // found this at the KS outlet, and immediately impulse purchased not knowing what on earth I would use it for (I also hoard cute pouches if you haven't noticed). It's such a pain to photograph, but I am head over heels with it. I've been using it to store my lipsticks in when I'm on the go

16. Silicone Coin Purse // My wallet doesn't have a place for coins, so this keeps loose change from collecting on the bottom of my bag
17. Kate Spade Wallet // I recently retired my all-time favorite wallet (a $3 black mini wallet that is the same shape as my business holder, but black), after receiving this beautiful KS replacement for xmas 

  18. Forever 21 Earmuffs // the best earmuffs ever that I got for xmas
19. Karen Walker Number One // perfectly oversized and glam

20. Kate Spade "Hi 5" Mittens // I love waving at people with these things



  1. love this post! i love the idea of keeping your bag very compartmentalized, so much easier to find things! i always keep way too many things in my bag, but you never know when you'll need 5 different chap stick options haha


  2. love your Kate Spade wallet!


  3. Diana! Of course I also have the same "Frogs I Kissed and Liked" notebook! It stores a whole jumble of ideas. And I love the High 5 mittens!!

    xo Laura


  4. I've been wanting that Kate Spade wallet! I love how simple it is, and streamlined. I'm over big, bulky wallets!

  5. so cute, love this hi-5 mittens!!

    XO Sahra

  6. Gotta love those Kate Spade mittens! Too cute! And the Hello Kitty band aids really do make things better ;)

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  7. You have the cutest little gadgets in your purse! I really like the red wallet and the cat eye sunnies :) And I'm pretty sure I carry the same deodorant around too...

    <3 Cambria

  8. love "what's in my bag" posts!!!!
    lots of adorable K.Spade!!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  9. LOVE these sorts of posts. And have youuu been watching The Carrie Diaries? Your purses are identical I'm pretty sure :)

  10. Love this, thanks for posting!
    I have a similar post on my page if you want to have a look :)


thank you!! :)

xo -- Diana