aztec stair

A collection of soon to be favorites which are coincidentally all in red -- a pattern that has been reflexively sneaking into every part of my daily outfits. I can't wait to play around with this oversized aztec sweater, and this suede mini (that I already own in two colors...). I can already tell there are many, many possibilites.

{Romwe sweater; F21 skirt & clutch; Zara booties; JCrew necklace; Marc by Marc watch; bracelets-Kate Spade, Alex & Ani, Catbird, JCrew}



1. studded Jeffery Campbells
2. x-mas decoration
3. "Happy Birthday" nail polish via Debora Lippmann
4. the inside of a gift box
5. christmas arm candy
6. cute collection of gift tags
7. blue glittery deer
8. best gift tags. ever.
9. x-mas cookies
10. christmas day outfit
11. bows
12. Alice in Wonderland
13. the festive holiday tree
14. the bun
15. old and new jewels via JCrew (top one is from the BF)
16.  JCrew nail polish 



shark bite

Best. Sweater. EVER. 

{MiniMarket sweater via UO; JCrew top; Target leggings; Coach boots; F21 clutch; bracelets--F21, Alex & Ani; JCrew; Catbird; Catbird ring}


a lot like christmas

With Christmas just one week away, the holiday cheer is seriously settling in. We finally got the perfect tree yesterday, which remains a tradition I will never tire of. It is one that has been exactly the same every year -- truly setting the mood for the impending Christmas festivities I've been looking forward to since September. Plus, I can't wait to put on some festive tunes and trim the tree!

{H&M jacket and mittens, Target leggings; Marc by Marc boots; Calvin Klein scarf; Anthropologie hat}


Had a blast this Thursday at the BNO event at Bloomies in Boston! It was so great to meet some amazing bloggers in the area and of course the ladies who coordinated the event!! I'm totally looking forward to the next one! xo


catch up

I've kept myself extremely busy these past few days. But between endless study guides, last minute assignments and an almost 12-hour Christmas shopping marathon (never again) I still feel myself needing to catch up on things. Its this time of year that I warmly welcome pajama-like pants, loafers, and tops that still look lady-like and pulled together. Now if only next week would be over with, I could really begin to embrace the holiday spirit.

{Target top; BCBG pants; Zara loafers; vintage necklace; Catbird rings; bracelets- vintage, F21, JCrew}


prep school

If you were to ever see me out in real life, this is literally what I would look like. Or at least I've looked like this for the past couple weeks. I've got red pants, this coat, and pointy toed shoes on repeat, and the prep-school thing isn't going anywhere fast. I think I can safely say I've fully adopted a new fashion persona for the moment. 

{JCrew coat, sweater and pants...and necklace; Zara shoes; random bracelets}