passenger seat

Sometimes, the best way to spend a sleepy Sunday afternoon is driving around with no particular destination, listening to bad radio music and sipping some warm tea. Especially when wrapped up in an oversized scarf and oatmeal knits. Not to be specific or anything. These pictures remind me of Death Cab for Cutie's Passenger Seat, a nostalgic song I have included on almost all road trip playlists I've taken thus far. It perfectly captures the purely simple bliss of driving for the sake of being near another person.

{H&M knit and scarf; J Crew pants; UO boots; vintage jewelry}


little monsters

A quick snapshot of what I wore today as I was quite literally walking out the door. There's a little monster coming and going on this top, making it all that more awesome, and its drape-y shape inspired me to take a break from wearing all those skirts. I must say there is something quite charming about this creepy creature, and even more so when he is sweetened up with an oversized bow.

{H&M both tops, bow and bracelet; UO leggings; Marc by Marc Jacobs boots; vintage ring}

*pictures by mary 


coke + skirt

I know I have accosted you guys with variations of skirts this week, but I can't seem to stop pulling them off my shelf in the morning. They are just so easy to mix and match with different patterns, and dress up or down to your heart's desire. This skirt was a v-day present from my mum, which I paired with one of her sweaters (I could envision it with bold eggplants and pinks come spring). I usually stray away from a head to toe brown ensemble, but I dig the surprisingly cohesive textures and patterns here, along with the complimenting pops of red. Plus, matched with an ice cold Coke, this winter look seems all the more spring-like. 

{North Face coat; UO sweater; J Crew skirt; DKNY tights; Coach boots; H&M ring; Lucky Brand necklace; vintage Japanese beads}



I had a little hair therapy this weekend and added some much needed layers to my do. I became obsessed with the gorgeous, flippy look my hairdresser molded my hair into, so much so that I was actually sad when I had to wash it a few days later. (Lets be serious, I will never be able to recreate this on my own!). And speaking of love, I also kind of love this outfit...I might have to repeat it in the near future.

{Vintage jacket; UO top, skirt and bag; Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes; J Crew belt; vintage necklace; Hue tights}

**Check out this outfit on Teen Vogue's Facebook page :)


be mine, valentine

I have wholeheartedly embraced today's holiday in every way. When else can you unapologetically dress up in pinks and reds, stuff your face with the sweetest treats, and write little love notes to that special valentine?

Have a Happy Valentines Day!!

{Tocca Jacket; Gap top; UO skirt; H&M heart sunnies; Hue tights; Marc Jacobs pumps; Betsey Johnson ring}


generic cereal

Although this isn't the most fashionable post, this coat has been a savior in keeping me toasty all winter, so I thought it deserved to be featured. I have always been a little hesitant buying pieces a lot of people own, but I am so happy I caved. Actually being warm outside is such a great feeling! This is typically what I look like as of late -- a pair of boots, chunky scarf, fun accessories and said coat of course -- along with some kind of getup hiding underneath. I love photos taken in everyday spaces, and these were so fun to shoot, although my photographer and I did get in trouble for taking these. I think we might have been discovered when we took the picture of us in the security camera monitor...!!

{The North Face coat; Zara bag and scarf; Marc by Marc Jacobs boots; Asos ring; Anthropologie earrings}