black + purple

When you love designers as much as I do, you understand the rush of sifting through racks of newly attained items in a store. Your heartbeat increases as you thumb through beautiful rows of fabric and pick out your favorites. Then your mind gets away from you as it is flooded with delusional images of you wearing said pricy item at various places in time. You might as well drive a stake through your heart while you trot towards the fitting room knowing that alas, you will leave empty-handed. That these lovely clothes will hang in that store tonight, not in your closet.

But sometimes, a shopper must be optimistic, which is how I felt when finding this Phillip Lim number. I had tried it a few times against my better judgement (and my happiness) but again, the sky-high prices kept it at the store. I would visit it from time to time like an old friend, still loving the muted pattern, the shades of pretty purple, and the genius way it fell on the body. But one day, the heavens opened up, and it was affordable for yours truly. I guess patience really does pay off.

I decided to throw on a dramatic dark lip with this dress, a pair of tweed booties, and a hat I secretly stole from my brother's closet (oops!). I must say I really am a fan of deep dark purple lips (I am wearing Revlon Va Va violet) I had my little bun Max help me out with the pictures; he is as photogenic as this dress is!

Hope you love it as much as I do :)

{Phillip Lim dress; Nine West booties; Vintage Crown Co. hat; Marc by Marc Jacobs watch; Vintage leather bracelet; Random ring}


lets play dress up

Yesterday I decided to try on a bunch of outfits at H&M because there were so many things I was interested in. I tried on a range of different skirts and fun tops. The result yielded a group of classically quirky choices that could be worn anytime, anywhere (and all for less than $100 - plenty of room for cute accessories!). Here is my sketchy fitting room photo reel:


{This laid back tank dresses down this shiny skirt making it an unexpected combo}

{top $9.95; skirt $34.95}


{I have seen this cat shirt a million times, and have always secretly laughed at it. But when I tried it on, I actually became quite a fan! It works so well with this floral pattern and the sparkle on the cat's face is kind of alluring. I'll be a cat lady any day in this!}

{top $14.95; skirt $24.95}


{My mom hated this top, but I am crazy about the oatmeal color, soft fabric and slouchy shape. I am a huge fan of tops that hang like this one and I think she'll come around to it eventually. Pair it with this ruffled skirt and some heels and I'd go virtually anywhere in this}

{top $29.95; skirt $34.95; necklace $9.95}


{This shirt made me smile when I saw it on the rack, so I had to try it on. It is very old lady from florida, don't you think? I think it looks fantastic with this adorable printed skirt - the colors work like a charm. The skirt is very polished and looks far more expensive than its $24.95 price tag}

{top $17.95; skirt $24.95; bangles 7.95}


without a paddle

Ahh nature.

Over the years I have been exposed to an immense amount of hiking and canoeing among other nature inclined activities. I cannot even begin to fathom the amount of wooded sanctuaries I have stumbled through or the number of insects I’ve swatted away from my skin during said endeavors. It came to a point where I would shiver at the mere thought of spending another day surrounded by trees and creepy crawlers. However, I have begun to appreciate the time I spent trekking through the middle of nowhere, and am starting to enjoy it again. I mean, who doesn’t love the fresh air, green canopies and dripping sweat under the summer sun? What an attractive picture I have painted for you!

Yesterday I spent the entire day surrounded by nature’s wonders. After a short canoe ride, my friends and I rested upon a wooded island where we enjoyed gourmet camping food, the sunshine and each other’s company. I decided to travel in style with purple shorts and some snazzy braids. Although this outfit isn’t exceptionally revolutionary, I still tried to look my best ;). I love these bright shorts from French Connection and am equally crazy over how the purple and turquoise colors go together. Of course I don’t own any sneakers, so Keds are my nature go-to shoe. I love the fun floral pattern – it really fits in with the beautiful scenery!

{Gap tank; Cable and Gauge sweater; French Connection shorts; Keds floral sneakers; Urban Outfitters double ring; Ray Bans sunglasses}

{a special thanks to my BFF Mary for taking some of these pictures!}



The range of tricks I am able to perform on a trampoline are very limited to just jumping up and down. No flips or somersaults for me, as I have always been too chicken to try. But that never stopped me from pretending I was an expert trampoline star. Sadly though, our trampoline had to be taken down today due to some insurance request nonsense which stated that my platform of fame was deemed unsafe to use. In memory of the fun I use to have, I decided to take one last photo shoot of me bouncing around on it.

I wore a few things that i love. First, the geometric print shirt hails from the racks of Filene's Basement for a rather excellent price. I bought it many, many years ago and love its tri-color fabric. I paired it with some high waist H&M dress shorts (shocker) and some fabulous Miss Marc flats (a better detail shot here)

It's been real trampoline. May you rest in pieces.

{Marc Jacobs top; H&M dress shorts; Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc flats; Lucky Brand bag; H&M gold bangle; Forever 21 ring}


dreamin' of sui

Anna Sui is without a doubt one of my favorite designers. Needless to say I am constantly mesmerized by her vivid colors and playful designs. Everything she does has a fun quirk or some unexpected element that leaves me wanting more and more and more. I frequently drool over her clothing and quietly shed a tear or two over her sky-high prices, which sadly keep her clothes out of reach for this girl.

Luckily though I do possess a couple pieces that I managed to finagle from sale racks at expensive department stores, and I love them dearly. This dress is one item I am always in awe of when I slip it on. The print: gorgeous. The appliqué detailing: stunning. The length: perfection. All it needs it a few key accessories (I know, I know, that belt again) and some sweet shoes (from Marc Jacobs no doubt; if you can’t tell I also have a small crush on his designs too…). AHH! I love this dress!!

{Anna Sui dress; Marc Jacobs sandals; Mossimo belt; Lucky bracelets; Urban Outfitters sunglasses and double ring}


retro please!

As much as I love summer, one of my biggest woes each year seems to be circled around one of its major staples: the bathing suit. Obviously it would be a little difficult to try and avoid this topic all season, so I decided to approach it head on. One of my favorite styles that I have continuously gravitated towards is the retro inspired suit. Retro suits instantly transform you back in time and make you (or at me at least) feel rather chic and stylish. There is an incredible appeal from those high waist bikini bottoms that make you want to don a red lip and ski-high heels to the beach. They flatter the female shape quite well and offer a stylish alternative to those barely-there bikinis that I am not quite prepared to try and pull off.

Here are some of my favorites that I have got my eye on:

Top (left to right):
Diane Von Furstenburg Leopard Print Bikini $140 for bottoms
Anthropologie Blue "Inextricable" Two Piece $88 each
Norma Kamali Leopard Two Piece $110

Bottom (left to right):
Juicy Couture Yellow Halter Swimdress $168
Norma Kamali Polka Dot One Piece $165
Norma Kamali Yellow One Piece $350
Marc by Marc Jacobs Underwire Halter Maillot Swimsuit $173

Retro Steal

{These Target suits are a great deal with similar attitude for much less. Find them here, here, and here}


4 some

1 shirt. 4 outfits. Oh behavve.

Number 1

{Gap jeans; Gap hat; J Crew shoes; Dooney and Bourke purse; Moschino snail pin (!); H&M ring; Vintage cuff}

Number 2

{Rodarte for Target skirt; Marc by Marc Jacobs tap shoes; Anthropologie headband}

Number 3

{Marc Jacobs shorts; Irregular Choice wedges; Isabella Fiore clutch; H&M studded bracelet; Tarina Tarantino's Pink Head Hello Kitty necklace; Vintage choker}

Number 4

{Nanette Lepore skirt; Cynthia Vincent for Target sandals; Mossimo belt; Juicy Couture charm; Urban Outfitters headband}

Versatility is KEY in building a great wardrobe. This Gap top - now only $24.00 - is a perfect example for how you can take one piece and create 4 different looks effortlessly (and for any occasion). Just playing with different accessories and color pallets can produce great results. And even though this top has a small pattern, mixing it with larger patterns or different textures can really make you stand out. Who knew this colored shirt could be both hippie chic and business appropriate?


waist-ing time

I have so many fields around my house that I decided it was time to go play in one. Sure it was sticky hot outside, but it didn’t ruin my good time! My friends and I have a thing about fields where every time we see one, we suddenly thirst to go jump around and lay in it. Weird, I know.

To prepare for my field frolic I donned a pair of high-waist shorts, a peasant top and handfuls of beads. This top was found in the racks of Marshalls for pretty cheap. I loved the lacy details and peasant vibe it has. The shorts I purchased from Urban Outfitters – a store that almost always has some type of high-waist something to offer (I am a high-waist junkie just fyi). I love the look of these two elements paired together :}

NOW, the shoes were a gift from my BFF Mary and I must say, I am in love with white Keds. She carefully took note of my weekly rants of how cute white Keds were and decidedly purchased them for me for my birthday. Smart girl, especially since I had no idea. Keds (especially white Keds) are a wardrobe staple, in my opinion, and are so versatile, comfy, and freaking cute!!

Hope you agree ;)

Now all I need is a good book and some bug spray.

more ideas

{adorable peasant tops from anthropologie.com - some are on the expensive side...do forgive me}

{high-waist shorts all from urban outfitters' website. they all go quite well with the tops}

{Kenar top; Silence + Noise shorts; Bloomingdales white beads; Swarovski blue beads; Forever 21 cross necklace; Keds sneakers}