sweet clementine

Clementines are undoubtably my favorite winter fruit. I have eaten so many of them within the past few weeks that I would be shocked if clementine juice didn't start seeping out of my pores uncontrollably. Clearly it is becoming a small problem, especially since I recently bought myself two boxes the other day, yet I cannot stop being charmed by their colorful skin and sweet flavor. Something that compliments these grey hues like magic.

{F21 top; vintage scarf; UO jeans; H&M belt; Target flats; F21 ring}


do i --

Chinese food, country songs, Hangover quotes, sappy moments, Bambi eyelashes. 
And warm memories.

Happy one year :)

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peekaboo spots

I hope all of my American readers had a great Thanksgiving holiday!! Mine was spent with the people I love among a host of delicious food and eight (yes eight) homemade pies. Needless to say, I ate more than I think I ever have in my entire life. But I suppose that is what Thanksgiving is about, no?

I apologize for my lack of posting this past week (!!) -- everything was so hectic and I swear I wore the same thing almost everyday. Now that things have settled down, (and the turkey content in my body has lowered) it seemed only appropriate to dress up for the Black Friday weekend. I snuck this graphic spotted skirt out of my mom's closet and paired it with some old favorites -- including this bracelet sleeve coat and sky-high platform boots. Add a pair of printed floral tights and I believe the perfect level of clash and harmony is complete.

{French Connection coat; F21 top; Milly skirt; random tights; Lucky Brand boots; Ray Bans; F21 jewelry}


pre-holiday sparkles

Typically, I refuse to tune into the nonstop caroling stations, peruse the holiday section or possess any desire to utter Christmas cheer before Thanksgiving. This year however, I have developed a shift in my attitude and strangely embraced the upcoming festivities rather prematurely. For the past few weeks I had to actively stop myself from shouting out my excitement about this to passing strangers. In an effort to be a tad less obvious (and annoying), I have expressed my delight through small ways: sparkly nail polish, soft snowflake sweaters and holiday red touches. Something I consider the perfect transition into the month's upcoming celebrations. 

{H&M sweater; Dollhouse pumps; Isabella Fiore purse; F21 cross ring; UO headband; Hue tights}


saffron highway

This could be one of the most breathtakingly natural beauties the city has to offer at the moment. A yellow wonderland that will remain only for a moment - littered in exotic ginkgo leaves until the wind sweeps their flimsy bodies elsewhere. My brother and I snuck his (vintage) moped into the gardens today and shot some photographs against this striking backdrop. The mismatch of red and hunter green will always get me along with classic American colors, so a fusion of the two seemed perfect. Luckily we captured enough pictures without getting caught - quite the scandal.

{pictures by Kenny}

{Tahari jacket; Tommy Hilfiger top; UO leggings and rain boots; Isabella Fiore bag; H&M headband; Juicy Couture ring}


time machine

There has been so much inspiration floating around in my head, and much of it seems to be concentrated on pretty nods to flower child days, blunt bangs, thick liquid eyeliner, pixie cuts and that oh so seductive shade of mustard. And the fact that it is a great distraction from writing papers is an added plus!