Have a happy Halloween!!

{Free People dress; Jeffery Campbell flats; vintage bracelet; JCrew necklace}

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skull nails

Creepy Halloween nails just in time.

{Sally Hanson salon effects; Ann Taylor sweater}

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shapes and stripes

The quickest post of what I wore today before I get swallowed up by midterms (you've got to love the middle of the semester). A lot of pattern mixing here but everything blends perfectly for me. And I love the dual stripes -- obviously.

{UO jacket; Target leggings; tops and necklaces - all JCrew; Zara flats, Ray Ban aviators}

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ruby slippers

The ultimate ruby flats just in at J Crew -- totallllly could not resist. 
Pretty sure Dorothy would be super jealous.


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Enjoying one of the last semi-warm fall days where bare legs are still acceptable, and a short mini paired with a paper-thin sweater is all you really need. I am loving pointed toe flats at the moment, and they are perfect in this shiny mirror-gold -- a nice change of pace from ballet flats.

{Juicy Couture coat; Gap sweater; JCrew skirt and necklace; Marc by Marc clutch; Zara flats; braclets- JCrew, vintage; Kate Spade}

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aussie girls

I found these pictures in my inbox and instantly fell in love. Who wouldn't want to be the girls in these pictures? And more importantly, who wouldn't want to dress like them!?

 These awesome pics are from Beginning Boutique's spring lookbook for their Aussie online site. And it's not just their warm weather I'm envious of...(I mean that furry bag? And their dresses? So cute!!).

Beginning Boutique is kind enough to be offering 10% off all their new clothes to all of you -- just type in the code BLOGLOVE

Happy Shopping ;)

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You can never have too many stars.

{Zara blazer and dress; Jeffery Campbell shoes; UO cap; JCrew bracelets}

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a rose is a rose

Just because fall is here doesn't mean brights are out. I love the combination of this rose-neon stained skirt paired with sapphire and red. It's perfectly polished with plastic jewels, a graphic bangle and my new iPhone. Yes, I've finally entered the technological world. 
Thank god.

{Zara jacket (old) and loafers; vintage top; JCrew skirt and jewelry; Kate Spade bangle; nails- here}

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striped nails

I think I might have a stripe problem. I've totally transitioned it from clothing to beauty -- but I love it. And I'll never stop. In the easiest nail diy yet, this little touch adds so much to any outfit. Plus its such an effortless way to mix patterns. Win.

{JCrew skirt; Juicy Couture jacket; nails- Essie in Smooth Sailing and Blanc}

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