periwinkle blossoms

The best four dollars spent to welcome spring!!

{UO headband; F21 top}



I kind of like how this outfit looks like I just rolled out of bed with the tousled hair and nightgown shaped dress. I also kind of like the peek of skin, welcoming spring in the most subtle way even if I was kind of covered in goosebumps all day. And one more thing I like about this look? The print on print accessories and touch of quirky cartoon. Oh and my tan. Yes, I do like that as well.

{H&M dress, scarf and sunnies; Marc by Marc socks; Nine West pumps; Tokidoki for Lesportsac bag; Juicy Couture ring; Florida sunshine tan :) }


reality and reminiscing

Have you missed me?! 

I've missed you all as well as blogging on a more regular schedule. My too long absence has been a result of a rather harsh dose of reality in the form of beach withdrawals and a last minute cold. I am going to bore you guys again with a select few of my most favorite vacation pictures. They make me miss the smell of sunscreen, aqua seas, my old and new friends I had to leave behind, magical castles and laying in the sunshine all day. I mean whats a girl to do with a tan in New England?? I hope you enjoy these -- and stay tuned for my return to more fashion based posts soon!

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paradise found

I have been quite MIA this past week and have barely touched my computer in days -- not that I am complaining. These past few days in Florida have been exactly what the doctor ordered with the warm sunshine, beautiful scenery and good friends by my side. I'm coming to a point where I am thinking I don't want to leave. I'll try my best to post again soon -- but for now, this is just a brief snapshot of my paradise found.


my pet

Those of you who know me will get a kick out of this shirt -- I totally did when I first saw it. It was one of those purchases where I picked it up and walked straight to the cashier without a moment's hesitation. Yes, I love these oddball pups and their extra long bellies. And, yes those are hundreds of tiny deer on my bum.

{H&M top and shorts; vintage bracelets}


love/hate relationship

- Bold contrasting stripes
- Scoring these insanely comfortable booties for 20 bucks
- This scarf was $3
- The fact that I am accidentally wearing two different colored socks
- This geometric ring I can't seem to take off
- Actually trying the belted scarf-over-dress look
- Bright red nails
- Taking these pictures with my loyal photographer

- How quickly this dress stretches out
- My roots -- girlfriend needs a touch up ASAP
- All of my black tights have holes
- The awkward outtakes
- This was my third photo location for this outfit

{H&M dress and scarf; J Crew belt; Dolce Vita booties; random socks; Ellen Tracy and vintage rings}

*pictures by seth


juicy fruit

I just made an official countdown to spring break in my planner today, and I realized that it is closer than I had imagined! With only ten days left before I head down to Florida with mah biffle, I am quickly running out of time to grab some warm weather essentials. Here is what is on the top of my list
  1. Bandeau Polka Dot Bikini top -- Target $18
  2. Milly Floral Bikini bottoms -- Net-a-Porter $105
  3. Asos Cherry Red Sunglasses -- Asos.com $21.52
  4. Kate Spade Flower Purse -- Kate Spade $195
  5. Asos Spring Break Tee -- Asos.com $32.27
  6. Coral Wooden Sandals -- Topshop $110
{via gary pepper vintage}


new horizons

I got a package today! And inside its pretty wrappings was the first backpack I've bought since the sixth grade. If you remember this post, and reflect on how long ago that was (and how long ago I had purchased my last backpack), you might detect a touch of hesitation. I always think I look silly whenever I wear them, and openly envied girls who pulled off a backpack so effortlessly. The thing is though, I kind of needed to buy one, so I figured this olive green floral number would fill that void. And I love it. Plus its Marc Jacobs -- need I say more?

Oh, and its already March. T minus 19 days until spriiing!!

{UO t-shirt and leggings; random shrug; J Crew cardigan; Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack and boots; Ray Bans}

*pictures by seth

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