under twenty

1. Madewell eclectic bib necklace -- $19 (originally $118)
2. UO lipstick red mini -- $9 (originally $58)
3. H&M V-Day heart sunnies -- $7 
4. Ulta two-toned manicure -- $2.50 each (originally $5)
5. H&M maxi dress -- $7 (originally $34)

A list of some great deals I found within the past few days for under 20. I am starting to subconsciously collect some V-day inspired pieces along with a few spring colors. Pardon the imperfections of my manicure (its been a few days) but I have been painting my nails like this nonstop with about a million different possibilites to choose from. Find the tutorial here.


french dressing

Besides almost drowning in all the massive puddles hiding around the city, I have been embracing layers, red lips, and French accents. The perfect beret has been on my wish list for some time and I was finally able to check it off and declare it as a winter staple. Its something so classic that it might be overlooked, but it is a breath of fresh air from its less structured cousins.

{Tahari coat; F21 top; Zara skirt and bag; Coach boots; Anthropologie belt; Barney's New York beret}



Tonight my roomies and I are pet-sitting this little pup named Chloe. Its kind of an illegal act since our apartment doesn't allow dogs in the building -- but what they don't know won't hurt them (what can I say, we live on the edge). Having a little animal around is definitely a treat, its too bad she is leaving tomorrow. Isn't she sweet?! Oh, and this dress was $7. You've got to love H&M's ongoing sales!

{H&M maxi dress, sweater and hat; random socks, vintage cuff}


sky high

I've got shoes on the brain. More specifically shoes I can wear in a humid paradise (and the prospect of more snow is not helping my cause). The spring must-have sandal on my list comes complete with a sky-high wedge, dripping in yummy tropical colors. And the seemingly ubiquitous 70s trend is stocking up my wish lists already. 


bow peep

I cannot believe it's been a week since I've last posted (tisk tisk)! Honestly, it has felt twice as long and these past few days have been very busy -- not to mention cold and rainy too. I am totally in need of some sunshine, so I have been adding little pops of color to my outfits, makeup and hair. Its funny how everything seems to go dark once this time of year comes by, myself included (why I am continuously pulled towards that side of my wardrobe in January will always mystify me). I had fun layering my daily winter pieces with this premature Valentine's Day printed dress and oversized blue bow. Of course I can't say no to a red lip (who can?), and this oversized scarf is my most recent flirtation with learning to knit. Not bad for a beginner if I do say so myself!

{UO dress and top; DIY scarf; Anthropologie belt; H&M hair bow; J Crew bracelet; Hue tights; random socks; shoes - unknown}


marshmallow storm

While everyone is freaking out about the current storm, I am spinning daydreams of hot coco, shiny things, and fluffy snow that is cleverly imitating sweet treats. It seems like we will be buried up to our eyelashes after this passes, but I am enjoying a spontaneous snow day. I hope you are not tired of this leopard frock -- I am just crazy over its insane versatility especially worn with this glimmering skirt. 

{via: personal; weheartit}

{H&M dress; St. John jacket; J Crew skirt and headband; Anthropologie belt; vintage shoes; Hue tights}


paper doll

Because I must look for the best in things, I suppose winter can be pretty cool. The frigid weather offers ample opportunity to wear piles of different clothes without melting into a colorful puddle of sequins and floral fabrics. I really love the look layering achieves -- it provides an interesting depth to an outfit along with countless possibilites to choose from. Here is my thought process when I feel inspired to throw another layer on.

the basics: J Crew sequin skirt + Gap tank + Anthropologie belt

up next: a quirky tee from Marc by Marc Jacobs + Hue tights

another layer: a bright men's top from Ralph Lauren + Marc Jacobs pumps + a red lip

finishing touches: a cozy H&M cardigan to tie everything together


fuchsia fingers

Typically, I am a dark nail polish kind of girl, but there is nothing like a pop of color placed perfectly at arms length to perk up you day. I have been getting a little bored with the standard winter colors I often flock to -- you know the deep reds, purples and navys -- and this is just the pick-me-up I needed. Honestly, I don't own many pinks in my library of nail lacquers, however, that might need to change -- ASAP. The surprise touch of red adds that much needed quirkiness I love and I seriously cannot stop staring at my hands. So much so that I decided I needed to share my new love with the world! It is such a subtle detail, but it really adds a lot. Hope you like my sweet hand modeling skills (I am totally channeling the crazy hand model lady) and how refreshing it is to see brights during this drab season.

{nails - Ulta Salon Formula in Fuchsiamania and Sally Hanson Insta-Dry in Rapid Red}

{Juicy Couture cocktail ring; H&M bunny ring; vintage band; moustache mug - gift}

1. Essie in Exposure//2. OPI in Your a Pisa Work//3. Chanel in Dragon//4. Sally Hanson Insta-Dry in Flashy Fuchsia

**Happy Birthday to my Dad!!