boyish charms

I am known to smuggle clothes out of boys’ closets or peruse the racks of collared shirts and quirky bowties for something to incorporate among my girly possessions. Often times I find myself favoring the boy version of a wardrobe staple over the girls – tops, sweaters ect – and it is so fun to make it my own. I bought this floral number from the men’s section at TJ Maxx and there are a million ways I could wear this thing. I fell for the bold color and prairie style flowers that, although it isn’t the manliest choice, it fits my taste. Just tie the longer ends, add a high-waist pair of shorts, some bold accessories plus snail pin and this top is transformed (in the best way possible!).

{Ralph Lauren shirt; UO shorts; Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes; J Crew belt and bracelet; vintage cuff and bangle; Moschino snail pin}

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I must confess that I am a sucker for anything with volume, stripes and that is candy inspired. This skirt is a perfect marriage of all three. I spotted it the other day at American Apparel, and for a mere $25, I walked out of there with my head spinning with possibilities. I adore the effortless swing this skirt has, and it adds an old world circa 1950s charm to any top. It is especially divine when paired with this semi-transparent-awesome-back Free People top, a high bun and plenty of quirky jewels. And you can’t forget these darling shoes – love the bow and the sweet scalloped detailing. This outfit has got me in the mood for some 50s jams and maybe a petticoat to add even more volume (yes, I happen to have my eye on this one here – there is just so much potential…).

{Free People top; American Apparel skirt; Minna Parikka shoes; J Crew bracelet and neon string necklace; Forever 21 elephant necklace}


kill the yeti

Wintertime is practically upon us according to fashion’s seasonal clock, and fresh perspectives on cold weather-ware seem within reach. As expected, the biggest names have produced enticing frocks that will inevitably dictate the next few months’ hottest must haves. But, lets hope Chanel’s fall runway has little or no say in it.

I must announce that I was rather HORRIFIED when I laid eyes on what was sent stomping down a watery, arctic runway during Chanel’s runway show. Model after model went by clad in a fur ball mess of ski suits, hairy accessories and disturbing fuzzy boots – something that I thought had already played out its miserable course. I remember a few years back when people thought it was ok to don a leg-consuming animal on their feet, and I had a few sighs of relief when they slowly trickled out of popularity. Now why did Karl Lagerfeld decide to bring them back front and center? It is beyond me why anyone would be tempted to purchase said boot and traipse along gathering as much dirt and mud between its hairs in public. Nothing about it spells chic or sophistication – not even quirky or adorable. Rather, it might suggest that if you stand too close to this boot, you will smell like a wet polar bear, and I’m sure that is less than pleasant.

Sadly, I found these monstrosities so difficult to look beyond, that I missed the beauty and genius that usually presents itself in Chanel runway shows. Now all I can do is wait in fear that I will see shoes like these (again) springing up all over department stores, online shops and on the street in the next few months. NO! NO! NO!

{mmmmmm wet smelly fur - what a delight!}

{I don't think I want to look like this anytime soon Mr. Lagerfeld}

{pictures all found on style.com}


something enchanted

I always have an eye out for possible backgrounds that could create an appealing photograph and compliment what I’m wearing. The warm weather offers endless outdoor shots and since I live in a wooded area for these three months, I have plenty to choose from. It never ceases to amaze me how one small unassuming spot can create magic, and this is a perfect example. Tucked behind a construction zone hid this gnarled, twisted wonderland – something that seemed to come out of an enchanted fairytale. With a golden dress and royal gems placed in the company of these branches, a make-believe world began to emerge.

This dress was plucked from the hangers at Nordstrom Rack for a magical price ($498 to $100ish – high five!) a few years ago and became a fine addition to my Marc Jacobs collection. Its golden sheen makes it luxurious, while the casual silhouette offers plenty of choices to dress it up or down, or something in between. Like the background, this dress also seems to pop out from some childhood princess dream. By adding understated regal jewels this look could be fit for Cinderella’s ball (with the addition of glass slippers of course – black flats just would not do!) or for running errands in the real world. I’m sure I would have appreciated this dress back when I played dress-up!

{Marc by Marc Jacobs dress; Dooney and Bourke shoulder bag; Target flats; short necklace - vintage; long necklace - Bloomingdales; vintage silver cuff and green leather bracelet}


evil home stereo, what good songs do you know?

I look forward to summer concerts each year when I am lucky enough to snag a ticket for a good show. Live music is always so much more fun to listen to, and especially when it is played at a smaller, more intimate location. But there are summer concerts, and there are ah-ma-zing summer concerts you wait years to attend.

One of my favorite bands has to be Modest Mouse, and I almost cried tears of joy when I found tickets to see their July 25th concert in Boston. My brother snatched them the second they came out after setting about five different alarms for when they went on sale. You could say that we are fans. We have been itching to attend one of their shows for so long and this seemed unreal. To add to our excitement we kept a running countdown months in advance, and on the day of the show arrived a mere three hours prior to show time. Yeah, just three hours, no big deal. But it was a good thing we did – the line was huge and the venue, packed. Our front row (!) and amazingly close (“right next to Isaac’s nose hairs” as my brother said) spot greatly paid off for all of our efforts. I am currently trying to invent a time machine that will allow me to revisit last night over and over and over again! :}

What summer concerts are you attending this season?

{three hours is a long wait...}

{...but so worth it, we were so close!!!}

{souvenir song list from set and "Sad Sappy Sucker" on vinyl}

{Gap top; UO shorts; Target belt; Nine West flats; Dooney and Bourke shoulder bag; vintage cuff; H&M ring}



This past weekend I was lake bound, sunning myself by a beautiful water front cabin in the state of Maine. I was graciously invited by my best gal pal and her family (thank you!!) to share a most relaxing mini vacation away in the wilderness. There is nothing more beautiful than a crystal clear stretch of water in the horizon and the sense of being in the middle of nowhere. Sadly all things come to an end and that enchanted forest oasis slowly morphed into familiar sights of home.

Traveling is something I love to do, and hope to be fortunate enough to enjoy throughout my life. I have bold plans of exploring the world, as I’m sure most of you share. I was inspired this weekend by images of distant places and the unique culture that thrives there, and of course I wanted to dress the part. I bought this stunning patchwork skirt at TJ Maxx years ago (on sale), and always reach to wear it. The intricate detailing takes me somewhere far away – maybe Morocco, or Peru. Yet, I usually find it a little difficult to style because of its volume and length. After much trial and error, I found it easiest to pair with a simple top, a belted waist, and some casual sandals. Or sky high sandals, which ever floats your boat. Of course, I simply cannot say no to these platforms (last seen here), so they kicked my boring flats to the curb. I love this look; the colors and patterns blend seamlessly to create a style that I hope will give you the travel bug as well!

Tell me about your travel plans, dreams or fashion inspirations!! :}

{Lucky Brand skirt; J Crew top; vintage belt; random leather bangles; Marc by Marc Jacobs wedges; H&M ring}

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