how to: reinvent the chain link necklace

I like to think of and use jewelry as clothing -- you need those essential jewelry pieces to act like neutrals in a look. The chain link necklace is the perfect starting point to layer on texture, color and dimension to any simple outfit (think jeans + tee, LBD). 

The best part? You may find that you have many of these combinations hiding somewhere in the depths of your accessory drawers -- score!! 

My favorite Chain Link Necklace (worn throughout) via JEWELIQ (only $25!!)

1 {Forever 21; JCrew}
2 {JCrew}
3 {both JCrew}
4 {both Forever 21}
5 {BCBGeneration; MyNameNecklace; Juicy Couture}
6 {ribbon from craft store}
7 {JCrew -- used in look 3}


  1. Ooh, this is a lovely roundup of ways to wear chain! Sadly I don't have anything XD I really need to beef up my accessory collection, but I never want to spend money on accessories

  2. Very nice! I love statement necklaces! thanks for sharing!

  3. such a great inspirational post,dear!

    XO Sahra

  4. Oh fun! I have a couple of the necklaces you featured here too so it's giving me great ideas.

  5. What a beautiful post! I love chains, but always seem to keep them the focal point of the look and sometimes that gets a little dull. I'll definitely try all of these ideas out!

  6. I like the sparkly necklace twisted in. That would look good as a bracelet, I wear necklaces as bracelets all the time! Just wrap them round your wrist a couple of times. Great for those awkward short chains that aren't that popular anymore

  7. Creative, inspirational post! So many fabulous ideas! Love your blog :)


  8. Wow nice! Did you do those yourself? I particularly enjoy the one with the ribbon wrapped around it. I have a lot of ribbon and i can customize my necklace to match my outfit all the time. Thanks!

  9. Wow this post is awesome and so helpful! Bookmarking it for future reference! So glad you stumbled across my blog so I could discover yours...I adore your style! Following via GFC and Bloglovin xx


  10. Amazing and very inspiring post! I love it

  11. Cool post,
    love to see all the combinations with that one necklace,
    looks great!

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