backpack madness

Many, many years ago, I ditched my backpack and stubbornly took to carrying all of my books in hand. I would stuff my entire collection of notebooks, various bic pens (blue only please), my computer, water and snacks into my poor purses or totes and walk to class. Now, my arms are not strong to begin with, so I struggled daily to hold on to all of my personal belongings, a daily occurrence that worsened in the winter and became a huge predicament when it rained. But I vehemently refused to use a backpack – strange, I know. I eventually succumbed to borrowing my roommate’s bag and slowly understood the wonders of the backpack, vowing to get my own. So, with school almost a week away, maybe I should start thinking of fulfilling that promise, or suffer another year of dropping my possessions everywhere. Here is a composition of my favorites – because you can’t just have any old backpack, can you?

Top (left to right)
Marc by Marc Jacobs New Army Backpack $298
Eastpak Striped Woodstock Backpack $84.25
Matt & Nat Odyssey Studded Vegan Leather Backpack $225

Bottom (left to right)
Kimchi Blue Canvas Backpack $68

{armfuls of books; Betsey Johnson heart tights; Marc Jacobs pumps; J Crew neon necklace; random bracelet; Anthropologie cup - gifted :) }


  1. i looove the marc jacobs one..and cute tea cup, where'd ya get it? ;)

  2. LOVE love the Marc Jacobs backpack....

  3. I know what you mean:) I haven't been wearing one for yeeears and now I want one..:) So I "stole" one from my mom, that looks a little like the black one in the middle;) But still I feel a bit strange wearing it on the back, so I still more use it like a bag and wear it over one shoulder;)



  4. I have always wanted a bag like that.
    Love the last photo.

  5. i have no idea if my previous comment was submitted due to my internet connection. sorry if it's a re-post..

    i wanted to say i used to carry a backpack in high-school, but at one point i ditched it for "lady like" bags... haha! good times.

    now... it might feel funny to carry around a backpack, maybe if i don't stuff it with lots of things as i usually do.

    great post! should go on a hunt for a backpack now =D

    kisses from http://www.sweetfancytreat.com

  6. I agree...you can't just have ANY backpack! In fact you need one in black and one in brown, to coordinate with your outfits :P

    Classy and Delicious

  7. Are you really going to walk to class in those shoes?! ; )
    I like the top left and bottom right offerings, and I've also been feeling the backpack love. But sigh, I already have a deeply uncool backpack that I use for travelling, so I probably shouldn't bother...

  8. WOOOW everything is lovely!!!:):)

  9. I love the bags and I love your blog!
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures!

  10. THese backpacks are sooo cool! Kinda wish I had them all!!!!! Love it! and love your blog!
    xo Big kisses,
    The Beckerman Girls


  11. the studded one is nice!
    xx Helen


  12. I've been looking for a backpack and I'm really loving the agua leather backpack. Great post!


  13. You know, I have never thought about backpacks... but after your post I think they would be perfect for uni! my favourite is the middle bottom!

    Adele - moltocuriosa.com

  14. Please keep fighting over the bags, so I can run off with the cute shoes and those cool tights ;-D


    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?

  15. I'm loving the Kimchi Blue one. I bought a similar one at Target, but it doesn't stay closed very well and I'm constantly turning behind me to make sure nothing fell out. I ditched the backpack in high school and have used tote bags ever since for my books, but a cute backpack would be acceptable!

  16. Oooh loving the bags! :D
    The aqua one is my favorite :D And I love the photo and the shoes :)

  17. I know just how you feel about backpacks, and spent ages trying to carry anything but --
    In the end, the LL Bean pack might not be the most fashionable bag, but it is by far the most comfortable and spacious!

    My favorite of the lot is the black studded bag, its quite edgy, and the straps look nice and padded.

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. Love all those backpack, specially the studded one..

    cute picture you have there.. where do you take that picture?


  19. I am also searching for the perfect backpack, i love the ones you picked!


  20. i totally know what you mean! i just bought a backpack a couple weeks ago after not having one for like 6 years. i'm pretty pleased with it so hopefully i'll use it this year!
    Haute Californian

  21. ahaha I know what you mean,
    when I was at school I hated backpacks (for a while) and I started wearing a bag instead, but finally I ended wearing a backpack again, it's more comfortable if you carry lots of books
    I love the leather one you've posted


  22. I've been looking for a rugged backpack sort of like the one in the bottom middle. Love these!

  23. I'd love the get a brown leather backpack for Autumn. Unfortunately I'm not returning to school so it would seem a rather frivolous purchase if I did. When do you return to school? What do you study?

    Robbie xox


  24. I have to express my love for backpacks as well! they can be so fashionable. lovelove. I also have fallen head over heels(pardon the pun) for those marc jacobs shoes. they're amazing


thank you!! :)

xo -- Diana