pink party

{a replica of a Dr Seuss painting done by my oh so talented brother}

I am inspired by nods to childlike patterns, colors and graphics. It definitely creates a fun look when it is done right. I love when fashion has a sense of humor mixed in with sophistication and elegance – clothes should be fun to wear and look at! Why shouldn’t you pair a funky tee with an extravagant ruffles and a touch of wit (aka this adorable ring from Betsy Johnson reading: “Betsy’s Tea Party”, so cute!). And what’s stopping you from kicking up that blah dress or shorts or pants – whatever! – with funky shoes or a headband snatched from the kid’s section? Please, I’ve been known to wander over to the little girl’s accessory area when I need a touch of whimsy and a little bit of laughter.

Of course they do make fanciful clothing, shoes and accessories in big girl sizes. I was so thrilled when I found this Flamingo tee at H&M for next to nothing. It is no secret that H&M stocks hundreds and hundreds of quirky, fashion forward items all year round. My personal favorite location (and secret site for all things magical) remains to be on Newbury St in Boston, MA. Time and time again, I have stumbled upon yummy fabrics and delightful new silhouettes a gal like me can stop drooling over and actually purchase. That particular location seems to yield the best, just saying.

This awe-inspiring Anna Sui skirt comes from the sale racks of Bloomingdales from when I was like 12, and thank god I have kept it over the years. It is such a special find, and definitely brings the kid out in me. The shoes come from a Cynthia Vincent for Target find and are awesome! Love the bold colors and the chunky wedge (so easy to walk in and it makes you super tall). Who knew Velcro could be chic? Lastly, these accessories help punctuate the outfit. This ring was found from Loehmann’s (another swoon-worthy discount shop) and it is very Alice, don’t you think? Add a touch of shine with this Gap headband and voila! A childlike cool is achieved.

{H&M top; Anna Sui skirt; Cynthia Vincent platforms; Gap headband; Betsy Johnson cocktail ring}

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