The range of tricks I am able to perform on a trampoline are very limited to just jumping up and down. No flips or somersaults for me, as I have always been too chicken to try. But that never stopped me from pretending I was an expert trampoline star. Sadly though, our trampoline had to be taken down today due to some insurance request nonsense which stated that my platform of fame was deemed unsafe to use. In memory of the fun I use to have, I decided to take one last photo shoot of me bouncing around on it.

I wore a few things that i love. First, the geometric print shirt hails from the racks of Filene's Basement for a rather excellent price. I bought it many, many years ago and love its tri-color fabric. I paired it with some high waist H&M dress shorts (shocker) and some fabulous Miss Marc flats (a better detail shot here)

It's been real trampoline. May you rest in pieces.

{Marc Jacobs top; H&M dress shorts; Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc flats; Lucky Brand bag; H&M gold bangle; Forever 21 ring}


  1. i love your outfit and i'm sorry for your loss. i always wanted a trampoline lol!

  2. funny pictures, kisses from France

    Olivia & Mariam


  3. Love how you mixed the different patterns and textures! And what a great idea to take pics on the trampoline!


thank you!! :)

xo -- Diana