evil home stereo, what good songs do you know?

I look forward to summer concerts each year when I am lucky enough to snag a ticket for a good show. Live music is always so much more fun to listen to, and especially when it is played at a smaller, more intimate location. But there are summer concerts, and there are ah-ma-zing summer concerts you wait years to attend.

One of my favorite bands has to be Modest Mouse, and I almost cried tears of joy when I found tickets to see their July 25th concert in Boston. My brother snatched them the second they came out after setting about five different alarms for when they went on sale. You could say that we are fans. We have been itching to attend one of their shows for so long and this seemed unreal. To add to our excitement we kept a running countdown months in advance, and on the day of the show arrived a mere three hours prior to show time. Yeah, just three hours, no big deal. But it was a good thing we did – the line was huge and the venue, packed. Our front row (!) and amazingly close (“right next to Isaac’s nose hairs” as my brother said) spot greatly paid off for all of our efforts. I am currently trying to invent a time machine that will allow me to revisit last night over and over and over again! :}

What summer concerts are you attending this season?

{three hours is a long wait...}

{...but so worth it, we were so close!!!}

{souvenir song list from set and "Sad Sappy Sucker" on vinyl}

{Gap top; UO shorts; Target belt; Nine West flats; Dooney and Bourke shoulder bag; vintage cuff; H&M ring}



  2. I attended rock in rio and i don't think i will attend another one!
    nice pics!

  3. Very cute story! I was pretty much delirious when I got tickets to Sufjan Stevens a few years ago. I'd seen him when he was a nobody with a banjo, but it was way harder the second time! Loved it! Love Modest Mouse too!

  4. I LOVE Modest Mouse, lucky you!!

  5. i absolutely loveeee going to summer concerts! i wish i was able to attend warped this year but i couldn't :( but i really like the modest mouse song float on!


  6. Lovely outfit, great pics:)


  7. Summer concerts are the bestt.. Love your top! Lovely outfit!


  8. Great pic's summer concerts are rad! :)

    My favourite band would have to be Paramore :)


  9. i used to love modest mouse so much too! still good, but i kind of moved on :)
    if you waaant.. you can see concerts i hope to attend here: http://www.last.fm/user/tianapetrullo/events

  10. I love these photos and your smile is amazing! Besides I'm a huge fan of concert too so ...lucky you!! ;)

    I follow you!

  11. haha this is EXACTLY how I was when seeing Incubus last summer. I set alarms to wake up 5 min before tickets went on sale, and I even got the set list signed! Great souvenir! Seeing a live show is one of those summer staples everyone must do before the weather gets unbearable.
    looking forward to your next post-- visit my blog again! www.crescentfashion.blogspot.com

  12. Cute outfit!

    I follow your blog, hope you going to follow my blog too:

  13. I love this outfit and your blog !

  14. I love these pictures! The fun you had is definitely evident in the pics. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Lovely blog!
    Erin :)

  15. wow me too- i love modest mouse! (: i love this outfit too, so simple but very cute xxx

  16. Your outfit is great! But THAT much better in front of that awesome yellow wall! It really makes everything pop.

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thank you!! :)

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