urban frolicking

This morning I turned on the TV to listen to the weatherman prattle on about the intense heat New Yorkers are experiencing this month. Clad in a finely tailored suit, he throws out dizzying statistics and states the obvious that “it’s going to be another hot one” and to “stay cool” since there is no sign of it stopping any time soon; perfect time to be visiting the city. Yes, Mr. Weatherman, I will try my best to stay cool.

I am back in the NYC this weekend, and staying as cool as possible, running from air-conditioned venue to air-conditioned venue. Dresses are my no brainer when it comes to these intense heat waves, especially when they are as light and airy as this one. I love the eyelet texture and its breezy trapeze shape. In fact the majority of clothes I packed happen to be dresses of some sort.

{colorful outdoor markets}

I think I have become accustom to these intense temperatures, which is lucky, because I am able to appreciate the sticky beauty summertime in the city offers. Stylish guys and gals are everywhere donning their most summery of styles and outdoor markets are spilling over with sweet ripe fruits and fat vegetables. Beautiful architecture rests in a lovely haze while its citizens bustle around with sweating water bottles in hand. Sounds like the perfect season for refreshing bites and some sightseeing!

How do you beat the heat? :}

{salmon and white fish on greens}

{yummy arugula and pear salad}

{Anthropologie dress; Target flats and belt; See by Chloe bag; vintage bracelets}


  1. Love the dress. I'm very good at buying dresses, but for some reason I never wear them! It's just crazy. Especially with this heat.

  2. these pictures are fabulous! looks like you are having a good time too :) dresses are perfect for the heat because they're so non-fuss, i love them!


  3. Wow lovely outfit! (L)
    Looks so good on you!


  4. beautiful dress- you're gorgeous, i adore your hair!

  5. You look nice, i love the flowers on your dress :D

    Hope you have a sweet weekend,

    xx CHloé


  6. I wish it was hot in the UK, feels like autumn!
    your outfit is gorgeous by the way :)

  7. I love your outfit! I wish I was there!
    here in madrid the heat is unbearable so I can only stay in places with air conditioning! damn

  8. your blog is adorable! i'll be visiting nyc in two weeks and seeing your pictures made me even more excited. cute outfit!


  9. Your bracelets and that bag is amazing.

  10. I'm so glad that the place I work is air conditioned! Your dress is lovely (:


  11. love love love luggage colored accessories! they are the best and that rocking belt...target...amazing!

    dinner, dresses, decor, and dessert


  12. You are just the prettiest thing ever! And that food looks SO yummy!!

  13. a-mazing dress!
    I really love flower dresses

  14. Adorable outfit! Love the jewelry and bag!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Following you! :)
    <3 Kelly

  15. Hi new follower here, great blog.
    Your dress is gorgeous, very good for a hot summer's day.
    In the UK we're not used to being too hot for long periods of time, so I tend to keep in the shade, wear a big sunhat and drink loads of iced drinks.

  16. I love your dress and the whole outfit is adorable! Great blog!



  17. Awww, i really like your dress and your belt :D lovely and summery, hope the heat isn't too unbearable!

  18. I love that dress!!! and yea...I like the heat, but if I stay in it too long I die, so I have to be in cooler areas for a bit, haha

  19. Hey why are you so pretty?

    PS I like Kenny creeping in that last photo.

    PPS New York looks like fun. I think we should go together sometime...

  20. I just love your dress and bag! I try to stay constantly hydrated with lots and lots and lots of water.

  21. great pictures, love your outfit, your style is amazing!!

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


  22. i love this dress! cute outfit
    and i really like all of the in between photos
    and your blog! and your style!

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