This past weekend I was lake bound, sunning myself by a beautiful water front cabin in the state of Maine. I was graciously invited by my best gal pal and her family (thank you!!) to share a most relaxing mini vacation away in the wilderness. There is nothing more beautiful than a crystal clear stretch of water in the horizon and the sense of being in the middle of nowhere. Sadly all things come to an end and that enchanted forest oasis slowly morphed into familiar sights of home.

Traveling is something I love to do, and hope to be fortunate enough to enjoy throughout my life. I have bold plans of exploring the world, as I’m sure most of you share. I was inspired this weekend by images of distant places and the unique culture that thrives there, and of course I wanted to dress the part. I bought this stunning patchwork skirt at TJ Maxx years ago (on sale), and always reach to wear it. The intricate detailing takes me somewhere far away – maybe Morocco, or Peru. Yet, I usually find it a little difficult to style because of its volume and length. After much trial and error, I found it easiest to pair with a simple top, a belted waist, and some casual sandals. Or sky high sandals, which ever floats your boat. Of course, I simply cannot say no to these platforms (last seen here), so they kicked my boring flats to the curb. I love this look; the colors and patterns blend seamlessly to create a style that I hope will give you the travel bug as well!

Tell me about your travel plans, dreams or fashion inspirations!! :}

{Lucky Brand skirt; J Crew top; vintage belt; random leather bangles; Marc by Marc Jacobs wedges; H&M ring}

*Thank you everyone for all of your comments and for following me! I have been a horrible blogger and have had almost no time to answer but I am furiously typing back to you!! Please keep reading, I love keeping updated with you as well (and checking out new blogs!!) :}


  1. adorable photos! im in love with the shoes

    stop by sometime <3

  2. Love the shot of the mushroom, very Alice in Wonderland.

  3. Super cute pictures, wonderful dress!

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  5. i love how worldly your outfit looks. it's absolutely adorable!
    my ultimate dream is to travel to australia or hawaii, learn the language, live on the beach, and surf all day.


  6. Hello! I love your style, I knew your blog. I follow you!


  7. the entire outfit is perfect. i love your use of color lady!

    xx, christen

  8. adore your shoes and the folklore dress! lovely!



  9. uh I'm sorry I've just noticed its not a dress,
    well it's a nice combination cause it's really look like a dress (=

  10. Your shoes are amazing! And the whole outfit is really adorable!
    Follow each?

  11. i LOVE your outfit, especially those colorful wedges! so great


  12. I love your diverse mix of color and patter in this look -- the skirt is so gorgeous.

    I'd love to travel to Spain, and see that gorgeous architecture in Barcelona.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. loveee the colorful-ness in your shoes and skirt :]

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  15. Wow! I love those shoes!


  16. Lovely outfit. I follow you now:) Perhaps you will follow me, too!?

    LOVE minnja


  17. pretty dress. The shoes and the dress together look so cute.


  18. This is a beautiful outfit. I love the vibrant colours and ethnic prints

  19. This is honestly one of the best outfits I've seen all week. Just fantastic mix of colour, print, and texture. And the shoes...

    I'm adding you to my bloglovin' now... I'm also a new person in the fashion blogging world... would love if you visited my blog and followed if you like it... ; )


  20. I love this outfit!!
    I hope you will visit my blog and follow if you like! surely I'll follow you back!
    lovely blog


thank you!! :)

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